Exceptional achievement

deserves exceptional commemoration

Unique rowing artwork to make your team stand out from the crowd.

Gaining college permission for a new chalking is made substantially easier by promising the services of a professional who can pre submit a design for approval. 

In almost all cases the college rather than the boat club pay the costs involved. 

Max Mulvany

Oxford's only professional Blades Chalking artist

A graduate in Fine Art from the University, Max became interested in this unique art form, particular to Oxford, during his own rowing days at Exeter.

He loves working with clubs to create special designs that really celebrate teams and the college in a big way. Crumbling wall surfaces, difficult to reach locations and demanding design requests are the challenges that make every job unique.

Max Chalking.JPG

Long lasting

No school chalk here

For Colleges, chalkings need to be ultimately removable (though usually they fade to nothing after a couple of decades).

By using only the finest quality materials, these chalkings will have a much longer lifespan than their amateur counterparts, with enduring vibrant colours.

Unique works of art

Designs the whole college can enjoy, not just the rowers

Celebrating college spirit through the college's history and visual devices is central to every design.

Beyond the ordinary crest and blades there are myriad possibilities to create something unique and striking that all visitors to the college will want a picture of.

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Historical chalking refresh

Touch up service available

Rejuvenate a fading chalking of particular significance to the college with a careful cost-effective restoration in longer lasting chalks